In Search of the Sacred Chamber


Read on and bring Jeremy Storyteller’s dizzying adventures on the bridge between the realm of what is lying ‘on the other side’ and the reality of the living, to your world. The Sacred Search series is thought provoking, scary and maybe even possible. It is fact based fiction which challenges you to determine which is which. Do you enjoy heart pounding tales of what does lay ahead of us all, one day? If you do, then this is a book well worth reading.

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Book 3 in The Sacred Search Series

Tom Morrissey’s Final book in the #1 Best-selling Metaphysical/ Martial Arts Mystery series: The Sacred Search

Praise for The Search for the Sacred Chamber…

“Tom Morrissey, a high level martial artist and a former deputy US marshal, has written from his life experiences and captured the true inner thoughts of his lead character, Jeremy Storyteller. This is a mystical book and quite possibly the beginning of a new genre in literature, ‘Metaphysical, Martial Arts Mystery’.” Steven Seagal

. “This is an astonishing conclusion to a stunning series. I’ve read every book that Tom Morrissey has written. Jeremy Storyteller is our guide to the deeper questions we all wrestle with. His unfailing courage to confront evil and choose good, gives us faith in the potential of enlightenment. I couldn’t wait for Book 2 and then Book 3. Now I’m hoping somehow there will be a Book 4. In lieu of that I will reread the series over…and over again.” KMM Reviews


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