The Way of the Butterfly – Coming Soon

The Way of the Butterfly – Coming Soon

Lucy, the third child of Jeremy and Kate Storyteller is a master sea-going chef and an extremely accomplished martial artist.  She is skilled in the internal Chinese energy system known as Bagua, which is an incredibly powerful method of achieving total well being. It is the path that has been used for over a thousand years in China  to cultivate that vital energy known as Chi.  A system based on breathing and movement patterns which mimic the flow of everything that exists.

The walking patterns called “The Old Form’ of the Bagua Chang’  brings to the practitioner, self defense expertise, a healthy body and mind with the resulting spiritual development.

Because of her profession, Lucy sails the world aboard a ship named

“The SS Secret” on which, she prepares cuisine for the eclectic crew and passengers.  But one of them comes from a place no one else, has ever been, or would ever want to go to.  That person’s purpose for being on board is part of a plan to open a door between the realm of the dead and the world of the living, that must not be allowed to be opened, under any circumstance.

Lucy, was nicknamed ‘Butterfly’ by her father for reasons she did not know but often wondered about.  His reason for doing so becomes, oh so apparent, as this strange tale of mystery, adventure and terror unfolds in a way that will make you thankful for garish light, especially after sunset.

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