Shadow Wolves – Coming Soon

Shadow Wolves – Coming Soon

Shadow Wolves by Steven Seagal and Tom Morrissey

What is going on in the deserts of Arizona? Have they become highways for the drug cartels who smuggle people, drugs and crime into these United States, unchallenged? Is that the greatest threat to our nation and way of life? Our government, which is today populated by some who have sworn to protect our liberty by standing on the Constitution but who tend to look the other way while some very dangerous people enter our country every day. It has been reported that the desert floor is strewn with copies of the Koran and prayer rugs. There have been mass beheadings with muliple bodies found in open graves just south of the US- Mexico border. This is something that has been going on for a few years but there was no record of this type of execution prior to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Standing alone against corruption in the governments of Mexico and the United States, allowing this, is a group of mysterious Native- American lawmen known as “Shadow Wolves” who under the leadership of John Nan Tan Gode are thrown into an unimaginable struggle of protecting our very way of life and liberty from being torn apart by Islamic terrorists, who have adapted the fighting strategies and techniques used long ago by the great Apache Chief Geronimo. What these terrorists don’t count on, is going up against the people whose ancestors designed these very strategies. They did not count on being met by a direct descendent of Geronimo, one John Nan Tan Gode and his Shadow Wolf brothers and sisters.

Author, Steven Seagal is not only a superstar and master martial artist, he has also had a law enforcement background, and a deep understanding of who and what we are up against, as a nation.
Tom Morrissey is a retired Deputy US Marshal and a life-time martial artist who specialized in fugitive apprehensions. Join them as they tell a story ripped from today’s headlines which will shake you in ways you didn’t know you could be shaken. Fact or fiction? You decide.

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